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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> neil: maybe now that william shatner is no longer the priceline pitch man he will consider being fbn's. deaf mand it. >> demand it. demand it. demand it. >> neil: demand it. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> greg: hello, i'm the fun-sized freak, greg gutfeld, with andrea tantaros, king of races and colorful braces, bob beckel, the gentleman from fbn, eric bolling and america's s'more, dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. 1:00 a.m. in kenya. this is "the five." the show is busier than bob's bookie. let's do this, america. the show starts as soon as you tell me that you love me. ♪ ♪ >> greg: the speech felt like essay section of exam.
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the challenge is linking the military to the collectist agenda. president obama aced it, taking the teamwork of the military as an invitation. forget self-sufficiency, instead work like an army to make my dream come true. the dream being fairness. >> it's not fair -- >> fair share -- >> fair share of taxes. >> fair share of taxes. >> investigating unfair trading practices! american values of fair play. >> everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share. share >> greg: if you drink every time obama said, "fair" you'd be naked and passed out in a tree like me. but fairness is substitute for class warfare. if we follow obama's military metaphor through the prism of fairness, what does it make the rich? al-qaeda? taliban? sorry, taliban. more important who would have guessed four years ago a liberal president would have used the military as metaphor for american greatness? forget how weird is it to see
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a progressive so gung-ho about something all of his friends hate. we have a liberal president abouting all republican. even more, the stuff that libs love was gone. obamacare, unemployment benefit, abortion, solyndra, french films. guess he knew no one would like it. can't we admit that liberals don't like liberalism, it has to stink? lastly, what is up with the prebuttal. it sounds like something you buy at walgreen for a persistent itch. the only thing worse, this -- >> we got rid of one rule from 40 years ago that could have forced some dairy farmers to spend $10,000 a year proving they could contain a stilt. because milk was somehow classified as an oil. with a rule like that, i guess it was worth crying over spilled milk. >> greg: even that joke felt like it was stolen from a republican. very bob hope, dana. my only criticism with the
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"state of the union" is it wasn't long enough. >> dana: yes, i wish it could have gone on for another hour. because i was wishing there was more, laundry list of things to go through before we got to the end. i don't envy the speech writers because the state of the union becomes a kitchen sink speech. peggy noonan said something good. if you have a speech about everything, it ends up being a speech about nothing. they got the headline they want. obama makes speech about economic fairness, fair share. the nation must address inequality. but the problem is the poll numbers show it's not what people want. yeah, 42% in gallup poll says inequality is the most important but 82% say pro-growth policies are. i don't think anyone today can point to something he said last night that was a pro-growth policy. >> greg: right. bob, i assume you loved every minute of it. >> bob: everything.
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particularly the joke about the milk. in fact, he won because of the headlines, which is what you expect. with a president of "state of the union." he got his message across. where we differ about this is we consider fairness growth. there is a fair and equalable and rule -- equitable and rules for the same. if you don't like it, republicans don't like it, i can understand why you don't like it. >> dana: you could be a speech writer. >> bob: thank you. >> greg: how can fairness be growth when it's redistribution, as opposed to growing the pie -- >> eric: which means move the pieces around and cult the pie differently. we knew there would be victory lap for bin laden. he did it right away and talked about the student loan and bailing out the deadbeat mortgage holder. class war pear stuff.
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warfare stuff. on the last 30 speeches, "state of the union" and first term kind of "state of the union," president when they come in office right away, the week after, 12 times you have a president that lost ground after the speech. five times, they stayed the same. 11 times they went up. not a big change. so i don't think he will get huge bump. because it was so repetitive he will lose ground. >> bob: by the way, i think you just keep assuming when we say "fairness" we mean redistribution of income. we simply want to see more fairness so that everybody has a chance to grow and be like 1%. >> greg: i stopped growing, bob. >> bob: i know you resent. that his message is simple. if people were given equal shot, everybody could grow. >> greg: but it's america. everybody has an equal shot. >> bob: no, they don't. >> greg: didn't you get the
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crowd was out of it. >> eric: the republicans. >> andrea: joe biden seemed uninterested in it. there wasn't 40 million captive viewers. i switched back and forth to "laverne and shirley." every time i came back he was saying the same thing. it seemed it was a speech divisive as we thought it would be but bookended with the platitudes of unity. >> greg: military. >> andrea: on the military, right? talked about and by the way i got bin laden. when you look back at his record, it was astounding. the only point of record he brought home was bin laden. hit home in pointed way. he can deliver a speech. he didn't talk about the obamacare or the stimulus. he mentioned dodd-frank but only in passing, quietly because it's strangling small banks. he didn't talk about the last three years. it sounded like his first "state of the union." >> greg: mitch daniels talked more about that stuff than obama did. i want to go to president obama talking about
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subsidiaries. >> we subsidize oil companies for a century. that is long enough. it's time to the end taxpayer give-away to industry that rarely has been more profitable and double down on clean energy industry that's never been more promising. >> greg: two things wrong here. using the phrase "doubling down" i'm tired of it. >> dana: like the poker -- >> greg: a gambling metaphor. >> dana: i understand why that's offensive. >> greg: haven't we doubled down enough on clean energy? with our money. >> dana: we can't get some energy from the windmill and solar. that is good. a good supplement. no one has been able to figure out how to build that to scale. people working on that are the oil companies. the ones who are hiring all the oil companies. finding new sources of energy like natural gas, lowering prices to have more money in their pocket, paper and rising gas prices.
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part of that is a supply issue. a lot is a supply issue. if we talk about the fairness and take away the subsidy and tax credit and deductions that the oil company did, every other industry has it happen as well. including some of his favorites in the tech world. i think the oil companies would say that would be fair, if everyone is on the same level playing field fine. if not, why are you going to target one industry and go after that, one to help the economy grow? >> bob: because they are the more profitable -- >> dana: not more than tech companies. >> bob: the idea that you can even accept any money for the oil companies as a subsidy is beyond the comprehension of any human being. making $1 trillion a year. it's so ridiculous. >> think about what you said. you said going after them because they are the most profitable. >> bob: why do they need subsidies? >> andrea: there is something inherently wrong with the statement. we sat here yesterday around the table talking about how
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the same oil companies would invest in the -- >> bob: with all due respect to dana, that is a public relationships bull stuff. dabs a fact. >> bob: why should you give subsidies to people making money? >> andrea: you argue -- >> bob: explain to me. tell me. answer my question. why give it to oil company? >> dana: people at google should have the same thing applied to them? >> bob: they should not. >> dana: that is not what president obama is saying. >> bob: they are making money. they don't need taxpayer money. explain why you want to bail oil companies out. answer my question. >> andrea: can i answer? >> bob: please. >> andrea: yesterday we sat around the table and you said we need to explore alternative fuel if we ever get off foreign oil. you argued the only people throughout to do that is oil company. like chevron. >> bob: that is not what i said. dana said that. >> dana: i didn't. i said they invest more than anybody else.
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>> eric: only 23 years in the oil industry here. the amount of money that we subsidize the oil -- fine, take it away. it's not a lot of money. believe it or not republicans, take it away. as long as you pull back. scale back on some of the measures green energy measures which spending we're dwarfing money spent on the oil company loopholes in the green energy field. think about this for a second. we loan brazil $3 billion. $3 billion to drill. we loaned colombia $5 billion to refine oil. there is $8 billion. that's about the same amount of money that our u.s. oil companies are being given or are being allowed to write off on this. >> bob: what does that come down? >> eric: if you want to close loopholes on domestic american companies. >> bob: sure. >> eric: close loopholes on countries drilling our oil. >> bob: i'm not arguing with you about that.
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i'm saying let us not anymore subsize the rich big oil companies. that's all i'm saying. >> greg: there hasn't been a green energy job -- >> andrea: you brought up the point. doubling down sounds like a gambling term and it is. that's what they are doing with our money. >> bob: try to find new sources of energy capital. no question about it. >> bob: i love they show the guy that used to build yachts in the audience now building winds mills. he didn't look happy. it's like come home from work, i just built yacht. oh, gosh. i got to build another wind mill. nobody likes windmills. >> bob: but they all love yachts. >> greg: they're great. a lot of people work on yachts. you get invited to go on a yacht, it's fun. nobody invites you to go on a windmill. that is painful. coming up, does the president speech sound familiar to you or was it just the pills i took? i'm not alone.
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the rnc agrees and they have a new ad out slamming obama. my garden salamander captain sparkle is holding his own "state of the union" tuesday. if you want tickets e-mail us at if you leave now i'll cancel your subscription to "greg monthly." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." president obama literally sounded like a broken record last night. the same old, same old he has been saying for years. don't believe me? check out the rnc ad delivered late last night. >> one of the hard work and industry of our people is rewarded. where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded. let's fix what needs fixing and let's move forward. tonight i want to speak about how we move forward. it's time for colleges and universities to get serious about cutting their own cost. colleges and universities have to do their part. by working to keep costs down. and we should continue the work of fixing our broken
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immigration bill. i strongly believe that we should take on once and for all the issue of illegal immigration. i believe as strongly as ever we should take on illegal immigration. >> eric: same old distribution speech. you know, tax the wealthy more, bail-out the homeowners and by all means regulate the pants off the business. greg, we heard it before. >> greg: you know for obama, politics is one endless pledge drive. you have to keep pushing for survival of bloated centralized state and you don't exist anymore. like pbs without delightful programming. >> eric: do they even think about changing some of the words? >> dana: again, i don't envy the speech writers because you are constantly trying to come up with something -- you don't have a speech writer that says the "state of the union" is -- it's always the "state of the union" is strong, that's what they say. >> greg: go to internet. download it. search for it. >> dana: there is a little
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bit of cut and paste that goes on, especially in a stump speech. but because president obama speaks so often and cable tv and 24/7 news cycle he is on a lot. he uses the same language a lot. i remember, though, in august of 2009, they had a series of saturday radio addresses where he used the exact same languages. this was only in the first ten months of the administration. it does take more creativity and it takes discipline on making sure that the speech is more focused. that will help prevent the filler. >> eric: bob, when you talk to the white house, don't you tell them they should change the words more? >> bob: first of all the thing most politicians use the same words to describe issues. i don't care if you are a democrat or republican. it's a given in politics. the reason he said them over and over again they're important things that need to get done. >> eric: sorry. i didn't mean to interrupt. >> greg: he is going to hit you. >> eric: i know. i said over and over again. why? i'm sorry.
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>> bob: the republican congress continues to stop him from doing what he needs to get done. >> dana: he said those things when they weren't there. >> andrea: it was all democrats, too. >> bob: bull -- >> eric: on that note we threw around ideas this morning. >> andrea: i was going to say when i listened to the speech last night, it did seem like, they mentioned the stump speech. everything was there to go down and check the box for every demographic he lost round on to win back. women, he got that equal pay reference in there. immigration, hispanics. just went on and on and on. it was a total political speech. it was small -- it was small ball. there was nothing big or grandiose about it. >> bob: nothing big about immigration. >> andrea: it sounded like clinton in his second term. >> bob: none of those things were big. no, none of those issues were important. >> eric: roll a video of your moment that stood out for you. eric holder. that is what you want? >> andrea: yes. eric holder, this stuck out to me. the president said to eric holder to put together a
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bureau to investigate financial crime. i looked at the administration. he has a lot of the people who participated in the mortgage meltdown in his administration or had them before. larry summers. tim geithner. jack lew, the omb director, who was cratety group. these people -- i gould -- citigroup. i could go on and on. are they going to investigate these guys? i'm just wondering. >> dana: why now? >> andrea: yeah, why now? >> dana: the lack of discussion about healthcare. this was a major accomplishment that he apparently throughout his life and through history, legacy will be on the healthcare bill. he gave it 44 words last night in the healthcare bill. interestingly to me, mitch daniels didn't bring it up in the republican response either which was surprising. why do the republicans still believe that healthcare is the issue they can win on. >> eric: right. >> dana: i just think why isn't anybody talking about it? it was the most important issue of 2009 and 2010 when president obama got the bill
5:21 pm
passed with the democratic congress. the tea party wins in 2010 because based on repeal. and now no one talks about it. >> eric: what was yours? >> greg: i liked it when obama had a lot of guests in the audience. he had this woman jackie bray sitting next to michelle obama, talking about her. i like it when he mentions their name and they're surprised. like it was coincidence they were invited and that he wasn't going to mention them. wow! how did he know they were here? that's why you are here. you're a prop. be nice and smile. >> eric: do you mind? save yours for last? >> bob: sure. >> eric: mine was, and i knew we'd talk about it all day long but on the way out -- first, on the way in, i don't like that my president is hugging supreme court justices. they should be left alone. keep them away. go right past them and he did. a big hug for ginsberg.
5:22 pm
then this, guys. see if we have it here? on the way out, he is treated like a rock star. >> dana: that is for every president. >> eric: congress people want to hug him. they want to kiss him. sheila jackson lee took off her shirt and said can you sign my back, please? >> andrea: it's more about getting the camera shot. >> dana: the women have a better chance of getting on camera because they had bright colors. every color from the crayola box. >> eric: honestly, he is is on that -- okay, bob, what is yours? >> bob: if we have pictures of the republican side of the room last night. we don't. we do? take a look. this may be the saddest, sorriest collection of human beings i've ever seen in my life. they are -- the whole crowd of them. this is the problem they have. the problem is they are just not good enough to get themselves elected, elected
5:23 pm
president of the united states. they're a bunch of losers. >> dana: bob! >> bob: excuse me, i didn't comment on your comments. >> dana: i don't comment on people. i don't like to say they look bad. >> bob: they look sad. >> eric: we got to go, guys. >> andrea: called them losers. >> eric: we promise to get bob in a good mood by the end of the show. drum roll, please, ladies and gentlemen. the queen has spoken. nancy pelosi has proclaimed that newt gingrich will never be president. newt's reaction next. ♪ ♪ [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." last week, one woman was giving newt gingrich heartburn. his ex-wife. this week, a new woman and former political foe and current i guess political foe based on the words he is is launching again. former speaker nancy pelosi come out saying that newt gingrich will never be president because he is has some information that could destroy him. >> he is not going to be president of the united states. that is not going to happen. let me just make my prediction and stand by it. it isn't going to happen. >> why are you so sure? >> there is something i know. >> if he is knows something, he is ought to say it. if he is doesn't know something, he is ought to quit saying it. but this is baloney. i don't think any republican is going to be threatened by nancy pelosi. and frankly, i'd rather have her threaten me than endorse me. >> andrea: pelosi made those comments to john king on cnn. but he is also came out and said the same thing around december if you remember. we talked about it on "the five." eric, he is is accusing him of
5:29 pm
some wrongdoing. newt gingrich says he is lives in some san francisco fantasy land. how if he is was involved in the ethics case, which is what he is is talking about, can he is bring it up as a sitting member of congress? this is an ethical code he is is breaking that shouldn't he is know about? >> eric: if i'm not mistaken, when he is brought it up the first time newt called her on it. you can't do that. forget the ethical code. i think he is is breaking the law. not just codes. i mean literally could stand, expose herself to being rep remanded by the house as -- reprimanded by the house as well. he is can play the game. but if you are going to do it, what are you waiting on? do it now. >> andrea: the first time he is did it the staff walked it back. now they are walking it back again. why again? >> bob: at first i thought it was outside the ethics investigation she was talking about. if it is, it's one of the oldest tricks in politics. i mean you zillionth back and
5:30 pm
say i know something. i'm not going to tell you right now. i'm going to wait for an opportune time to drop something bad. if i were giving her advice, which i'm not. but i would certainly think it's a good idea to back off this completely. if you have something to say, say it. if not, i would just think you leave yourself open for -- look, republicans love to take on nancy pelosi. >> dana: that's what i was going to say. >> andrea: i was just going to ask you. does it help newt gingrich, in the republican primary? >> dana: remember four days ago in south carolina, mitt romney was way up over newt gingrich. that gets erased throughout the week. and newt gingrich's ex-wife marianne comes out and actually has an accusation that people think was below the belt and not fair. and timing was terrible. it actually ends up helping him. i would imagine his exoffice wife, nancy pelosi is probably going to end up helping him this time, too. i thought his response was good. if you have something, let's
5:31 pm
see it. if not, stop saying it. >> andrea: greg, bob says it happens in politics. the last time -- i'm being honest -- i remember this happening is on the playground. a girl said to me i know information about this girl that can destroy her. or the sorority house. i can't remember. >> bob: but they did have stuff on you, right? >> andrea: i don't want to talk about that. >> greg: this can't work on newt, there is so much dirt on him already, he's officially an earth worm. i said this a couple of months ago. it makes no sense. if he is had something on him, wait until he gets the nomination. doing it now is baloney. pelosi saying he is has dirt on someone is a stick calling you sticky. >> eric: unless he is has dirt on -- >> greg: but then, yeah, they had a mud bath together. >> dana: then that might hurt him. >> dana: that would. >> andrea: i think it help him fighting in the primary. voters think he is is the villain. back to infighting in the republican party no, shortage
5:32 pm
of. newt gingrich launched an ad ripping romney being the inventor of government-run healthcare. now he attacked him for doing this before but he actually has an yad out. ad out. take a listen. >> think you know mitt? think again. >> those who follow the path that we pursued find it the best path. we'll end up with a nation taken a mandate. >> when mitt romney invented government run healthcare, romney advisors helped obama write disastrous obamacare. >> we put together an exchange and the president is copying that idea. i'm glad to hear that. >> i agree with mitt romney. >> dana: that is the best romney looked the entire campaign. it could hemch him. if you are watching with the sound off. i like it. >> bob: it is amazing to me he has goten away with not being attacked on this until now. remember when pawlenty was going to take him on in iowa and he seemed to back off of it for the debate. since then, i don't see
5:33 pm
anybody taking an issue. now, gingrich opened up. it's vulnerability for romney. smart idea. i'm wondering why it took so long. >> eric: do you think, dana, maybe the response of the "state of the union" last night avoiding the individual mandate, has anything to do with this issue that mitt has going forward? >> dana: no, i don't think so. i think what mitch daniels is doing in the "state of the union" response last night was a much broader defense, conservatism and advocacy for pro-growth party. he didn't get specific on anything. i don't necessarily think it was a conspiracy. >> andrea: to be fair, newt did support the mandate as well. we have also have to be fair and balance and romney has an ad out attacking newt saying he wasn't as close to ronald reagan as he shames he was. >> some debate you think newt gingrich was ronald reagan vice president. >> i worked with president reagan -- >> reagan. >> reagan. >> reagan. >> gingrich exaggerates dropping reagan's name 50 times. but in the diaries, reagan
5:34 pm
mentioned gingrich only once. gingrich is no reagan. >> andrea: do you think it will work? >> greg: yeah. everybody can kind of -- no matter how much you like newt, you do sense a bit of exaggeration on a lot of things. >> bob: a bit? >> greg: guy that claims he played for yankees when he was catching foul ball in the stands. whatever he said you feel like he is blinking. like he talking about reagan he wasn't really there. and he walked by a meeting. >> andrea: right. >> greg: you know? >> dana: i don't like the whole -- i don't necessarily like i did this, i did that in terms of using the former president. it dept like it when president obama does it either. remember, they did it for a while, too. >> andrea: a lot of people think newt is a hero for muzzling bill clinton. >> greg: and the person is no longer living. you can't go and question somebody. >> bob: what republican doesn't invoke ronald reagan? i tell you one thing, i don't think it's that palatable an
5:35 pm
ad. there are more things to attack newt on than that. >> andrea: i agree. on that note, we agree. now to a break. did you hear about the c.i.a. guy that allegedly leaked classified information that put our troops in danger? what do you think should happen to him? we have some thoughts for you up next. ♪ ♪ i'm robert shapiro.
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here is increasing harsh rhetoric between newt gingrich and mitt romney as they prepare for the florida primary next week. tonight on "special report," carl cameron brings us the latest arrows on the campaign trail and surprising figure weighing in about one ad. plus, phil keating tells us how the g.o.p. hopefuls are catering to the huge cuban population in south florida. u.s. special ops forces pulled off another daring mission.
5:40 pm
jennifer griffin at the pentagon tells us what they did and where they did it. the keystone xl project is apparently not dead yet. jim angle has an update on the effort to get the controversial pipeline approved despite president obama rejection of it last week. you probably heard newt gingrich talk about sal alinsky of the criticism of president. tonight, james rosen tells us who sal was and why it matters. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back. we're moving out of politics but staying in washington, d.c. former c.i.a. officer charged in leaking information. charged with disclosing classified information to reporters and lying to the
5:41 pm
c.i.a. about sensitive material. he faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted. revealing information about waterboarding, allegedly and other harsh interrogation measures. the interesting story about this to me, besides the obama administration, is they have had more profession cushion than other combined. it's interesting that you think it comes from conservative administration to punish that behavior but the obama administration put a crackdown on it. what do you make of that? >> greg: weird. you figure people in the obama administration would stop the bush administration doing something like that. everybody says they do it in the public best interest but it's baloney. they do it for themselves. if you look at the san assange f
5:42 pm
the world he now has a talk show on russia today. that's what they want. he wants notoriety. he wants a book deal. i could never be an agent. i talk to much, especially when i drink. i would be the worst spy. >> bob: is that the guy that leaked the classified documents? >> dana: yes. >> bob: i went on your show and said black operation, take the guy out. i got more heat from that around the world. >> eric: take out bradley manning who leaked it to him. >> bob: whoever i was after. >> andrea: there is a difference between reporter leaking it and someone like julian assange, not an american citizen. the debate pops up often. reporters publishing information they hear. do they want to sell papers? we have to jealousy guard state secrets. they are under attack. >> dana: if you have the -- so the "new york times" repor
5:43 pm
reporter, one of the places of publications that got the information and published it. the accusation from the c.i.a. is that this leak puts the interrogators in danger because they release public information about where it is. the question is what should happen to this c.i.a. agent? as i was reading the article today i realize oh, i know this guy. he left the c.i.a. and worked for senator kerry on the foreign relations committee as a senior investigator. because of my work with the broadcasting board of governors he had done a report about an issue regarding international broadcasting. a thing that you look at and say i can't imagine he would have put somebody in danger. >> eric: you have to be treated like you are treasonnist. whether someone dies immediately or down the road because of it, there are
5:44 pm
agents whose lives are at risk now. exposed them to danger. >> dana: the obama justice department and previous one, none that i remember before that, the ship has sailed. they don't go after the reporters. they go after the leakers. which i think is appropriate. but from a premedia stand point are there concerned? >> bob: i want to point out, obama and the administration has gone aggressively after this guy. glad to hear that. one thing about barack obama, but on the national security issues obama is a guy that does not -- he likes the covert business and spy business. he doesn't like anybody to mess with him. >> dana: can i ask you something, though? >> bob: yes. >> dana: don't you think if president bush did this prosecution and aclu and someone like president obama in the previous position as democrat on the foreign relations committee would have criticized the bush administration for doing the same thing? >> bob: i don't think he would. nor would i. the idea, any kind of leak in
5:45 pm
classified information seems to be -- no matter what, whatever the reason for it. it didn't like waterboarding, i thought it was torture, too. but i wouldn't leak on it. it's an act of treason and dealt with. >> andrea: justice administration that also is going after c.i.a. officials. holder was prosecuting them. >> eric: very important. the important distinction to be made, early on in the obama administration, they went after them for enhanced interrogation. >> bob: obama stopped that, though. >> dana: an hour after you are responsible i responsible il office. >> greg: we're lauding a president for con everyone is tiff, republican position. why don't we all just become republican and conservatives. >> bob: i could tell you why but i don't want to get in trouble anymore. >> dana: we have to go. we all agree on that. that was interesting. sean penn, star of the new movie greg is decided to see discovered that there is a new disease out there. we'll tell you what that is. stay tuned next. ♪ ♪ across the golden state,
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>> bob: is that elvis or ricky nelson? probably before your time. anyway, we're going to talk about sean penn. you know sean penn, right? he has a new movie "this must be the place." greg talked about it yesterday. greg is in love with the show. it turns out that sean penn saying that celebrity is a bad thing and he wants to hide from it. he said in an interview, it's, you know, disease of celebrity, taking over far too much of the life we do live. i think it's a disease. now, eric, you are a celebrity. what do you think about that? >> eric: i'm no celebrity. then he can go away. we would be well off if he -- >> bob: on a serious note. you know how i feel about -- what is her name kardashian. we're a celebrity-driven
5:51 pm
society. is that a good thing? or a bad thing? does it matter? >> dana: bad if you use it to elect a president. you hear people talk about -- you hear about the republican candidates. he's not entertaining enough. boring. i think that the more we look for entertainer, the worse we'll be. >> greg: there is elitism here. he doesn't like other celebrities. he is different. it's obscene because there are kardashians but he is somehow different. if there wasn't a celebrity he wouldn't have married madonna or robin wright or dated bea arthur. >> bob: he dated bea arthur? >> greg: i made that up. >> dana: but you like the visual. >> bob: no, i don't. what do you think? celebrity-driven? too much so? the society? >> andrea: if you look further his quote, he does say it's not for the people --
5:52 pm
it's a disease not for the people who are the focus of it. so people who buy "people" magazine or "us weekly" and that thing. criticizes people who like to follow celebrities. >> greg: the people. >> bob: have you noticed about "people" magazine, if you go to doctor's office it's the only magazine there and it's always ten years old. for me, it's helpful. that is when i remember the people in the magazine. >> andrea: he makes a good point but he is criticizing fans. >> dana: i don't think the fans like any of the people much. they get it because the magazines are entertaining, not because they fawn over them. >> bob: why did you know that he married madonna? i didn't know that either. >> greg: how did i know? >> bob: is that something, do you follow this stuff? >> greg: i belong to the madonna fan club and i started a chapter in pennsylvania.
5:53 pm
we're called like a virgin. >> andrea: i never joined. weird. >> greg: i've moved on to other things. >> bob: i can't believe you are moved on. he is is at halftime of the super bowl by the way. our favorite topics coming up. thing thing is up next -- one more thing is up next. don't go away. ♪ ♪ ♪ what's he looking for? i think he's looking for savings. ♪ i can't watch this anymore. stop! there's an easier way! we compare your progressive direct rate to other top companies so you get a great price. no more running around. ha ha ha! wouldn't you love to see the world through his eyes?
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a lot of stuff. wow. look at you go. 5-hour energy. when you gotta get stuff done. ♪ ♪ >> greg: time now for "the five" one more thing. >> andrea: remember when we were little and we played hot potato? the chinese military has the same, a similar feature when they're training. look at the video. they throw a live grenade to each other. the video is incredible. it's very scary. >> greg: wow! >> andrea: look at that. >> andrea: we can't look away, like a car wreck. >> greg: bob, what is your one more thing?
5:58 pm
>> bob: that reminded me of my last night drinking. my one last thing in wisconsin where my favorite governor scott walker is, they turned in a petition to recall the gov and over a million people signed it and that was only a couple of people short of those who voted him in. i think he will get recalled. i'll say this, scott, you were a union buster so don't let the door hit you on the way out the door. >> dana: thank you for creating all the new jobs. >> eric: quickly, last night's "state of the union." we watched it but another guy watched it. chad ochocinco tweeted where is this thing again? a couple of funny tweets. he said anyone notice the guy over obama's left shoulder. he doesn't seem very happy. he is not smiling; he is not clapping with joy. john boehner. he talked about the speech and said it was awesome but wondered how did obama manage
5:59 pm
to memorize so much material? >> greg: good question. dana? >> dana: "travel and leisure" magazine named new york america's greates -- ameris rudest city. i have to say this year, moved here before thanksgiving, not my experience. everyone i meet at every level is nice. >> greg: if i see that editor i'll punch him in the face. >> bob: i live here in the week for the same amount of time. i don't think that. >> greg: i changed my one more thing. bob asked me what is the name of the movie about the ghost. you asked me about the movie called, about the box


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